Day 8 – Restoration and New Life

And laying his hands on him he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus who appeared to you on the road by which you came has sent me so that you may regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. Then he rose and was baptized; and taking food, he was strengthened. – Acts 9:18-19

Therefore thus says the Lord: “If you return, I will restore you, and you shall stand before me. – Jeremiah 15:19

Pray that God would bring restoration to the members of ISIS. Pray that like Saul that they would find both physical and spiritual restoration. Our spiritual depravity does affect our physical bodies. Pray that like Paul that would find healing – body, mind and soul. Pray that Jesus would give them new life through the Holy Spirit and baptism like he did to Paul. Pray that these 1,000 believers from ISIS would be baptized!

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“Day 8 – Restoration and New Life”

  1. Dear Lord Jesus, I cover every member of ISIS with Your Blood, the Blood of Jesus, to cleanse and purify them from every stain and sin and to protect them from every evil thing that the enemy will hurl at them. May they be set free as only You can set them free. Give them the strength to stand firm so as not to burden themselves again by the yoke of slavery. Reveal to them oh Lord the great Truth, the Truth that shall make them free, living as people who are free, living as servants of God. Amen

  2. Dear Lord only You can restore these members of ISIS and give them the gift of New Life – life in You. May they learn to drink of the water that You can give them, so that they will never thirst again. Lead them beside Your waters of comfort where You will give them Living Water. May they be blessed, restored, healed as their hunger and thirst after righteousness becomes more and more intense. May their souls thirst after You Oh Lord and I pray that their thirst will never go unsatisfied. Amen

  3. Dear Lord, open the eyes of their hearts Lord so that every member of ISIS sees you as you really are. You and only You are the one who can transform them by the renewing of their minds. Renew their minds Lord. Transform them and restore them to that good self that You created them to be and set them free from the chains that bind them to the enemy. Amen

  4. Dear Lord, You are our God not only of Power and Might but of Love, so human and yet so divine. So for our ISIS brothers and sisters we come before you today to claim restoration and new life for each one of them. We long to see these captives set free. We long to see them restored to the loving, caring human beings You created them to be. We know that You have great plans for them, plans that will bless them and prosper them in every good way, a way that will Glorify Your Holy Name. We pray that they will learn the Truth, the Truth about Jesus, the Truth that will set them free. Amen

  5. Dear Lord I pray that we Your faithful followers will prepare the ground in the hearts and minds and souls of all members of ISIS by speaking Your Name into them, into their body, mind and spirit because if the ground is hard the seed will not be able to grow there. Lord show us how to work for You and through You because all work which is to last must be done in Your Spirit. How gently You lead souls into Your Kingdom and Love and Laughter form the plough that prepares the ground for the seed. May the lives of every single member of ISIS be filled with Love and Laughter. Amen

  6. I speak the Name of Jesus into the hearts and minds and souls of every single member of ISIS. It is the Name above all Names. It is the Name at which the devil flees. By the authority that has been given to me I take captive every thought of theirs and make those thoughts obedient to the Word of God and to the Mind of Christ so that He can and will transform them by the renewing of their minds, establish homeostasis (balance) in their body, mind and spirit, bless them with great success as they learn to turn their hands to only that which is wholesome and good, obedient to His Will therefore pleasing in His sight, then may they be prospered in every good way, a way which will Glorify His Holy Name. Amen

  7. Lord Jesus, I pray that You will open the eyes of the hearts of all ISIS people so that they may have an encounter with You and see You as You really are. May they see that all they could ever hope for or desire can only be found in You. Recapture them, revive, regenerate reinvigorate, revitalise and restore them. We, Your faithful followers know that Your Mercies are great to all who turn to you. How tenderly You yearn over these wayward ones. How You seek always to save them from the hurts that their very refusal of You brings upon them. We know how You long to save them from the hunger of loneliness that follows their driving away the only Love that will satisfy them. Reveal Yourself to them Oh Lord so that they discover the Joy of aLife that is surrendered to You. Amen.

  8. Dear Lord, I speak Your Name Jesus into the hearts and minds and souls of all the members of ISIS, that Name at which the devil flees, that Name which brings His Peace and Love and Joy, His Healing Power and Saving Grace, that Name which can transform them by the renewing of their minds. Restore them Lord and make them into a mighty army which will fight for You and Your Kingdom with the weapons of Divine Power and not the weapons of this world. Amen

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