Day 3 – God’s  Voice  to  be  Heard

And he said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. But rise and enter the city, and you will be told what you are to do.” The men who were traveling with him stood speechless, hearing the voice but seeing no one. Acts 9:6-7

And he said [to Elijah], “Go out and stand on the mount before the Lord.” And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind tore the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. And after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire the sound of a low whisper. And when Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his cloak and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave. 1 Kings 19:11-13

Pray that ISIS  members  would  be  able  to  hear  God’s voice. In these two examples, sometimes his voice is loud, other times it is very quiet. Either way, pray that the voice of the Lord would be heard clearly and that they would obey. Pray that God would speak to them in the specific way that they need, just like he did to Paul and Elijah.

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“Day 3 – God’s  Voice  to  be  Heard”

  1. Dear Lord may all members of ISIS learn to be still and know that You are God. In the quiet and the stillness may they have an encounter with You, an encounter which will turn their lives around and change them forever.Transform each one of them Lord by the renewing of their minds so that they will seek the truth, the Truth that will set them free. Amen

  2. Dear Lord, I pray that each member of ISIS will experience the wonder and comfort of resting with You and in the quiet and the stillness may they hear Your Voice and turn their heads to see You and then to follow You. When You left this world Lord You left us with a gift, the gift of peace of mind and heart. It is the Peace that only You can give. It is the Peace that the world cannot give. May these our brothers and sisters discover the wonder of this Truth so that they too will never again be troubled or afraid. Amen

  3. Heavenly Father you know every hair on their heads. You Love them with a mighty and wonderful Love. Nothing can stop them from hearing Your Voice. Nothing can stop them from being transformed by the renewing of their minds. Open their ears and set their hearts and minds and souls free. Transform their world into one of Love and Laughter as they enter upon the God-guided life. Reveal to them just how wonderful life can be when it is lived with You. Amen

  4. Our Father in Heaven, we pray that Your Kingdom will come and Your Will will be done in every nation wherein ISIS is a stronghold. Give all of them today their daily needs – Your Words, Your Commands, Your Guidance, Your Deliverance. Forgive them and enable them to forgive those who have offended them. Lead all of them away from temptation and deliver them from evil and may they learn that Yours and Yours alone is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, now and forever Amen.

  5. Oh Lord open the eyes and the ears of every single member of ISIS so that they may see You as You really are – their Saviour and hear Your Voice as You speak to them in a language that they will understand. I pray that they will discover that all they could ever hope for or desire can only be found in You. Amen

  6. Heavenly Father I pray that every single member of ISIS will be still so that they may know beyond any shadow of a doubt that YOU ARE GOD! May they have an encounter with Jesus which will change their lives forever by setting them free from the chains that bind them to the enemy. Jesus is the Truth and it is the Truth that will set them all free so that they will know the Joy of a life lived with The Saviour – a life of Love and Laughter. Amen

  7. I pray that every single member of ISIS will be still so that they can hear the Voice of God, that Voice which is calling them out of darkness into His Glorious Light, that Voice which will drive away all hatred, fear, anger and the overwhelming desire to torture and kill. May it be replaced by His Peace and Love and Joy, His Healing Power and Saving Grace. We can and we will live in harmony with our ISIS brothers and sisters because that is the Will of God and nothing can stand in His way. Amen

  8. Our Father who is in heaven, holy is Your Name, Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in the lives of every single member of ISIS wherever they may be. Give them today their daily needs, forgive them their sins as they forgive those who have sinned against them.Lead them away from temptation and deliver them from evil for Yours is the Kingdom, The Power and the Glory, now and forever. Amen

  9. I speak the Name of Jesus into the hearts and minds and souls of every single member of ISIS so that He can transform them by the renewing of their minds, establish homeostasis in their lives, bless them with great success as they turn their hands to only that which is wholesome & good, obedient to His Will, therefore pleasing in His sight, then will The Lord prosper them in every good way, a way that will Glorify His Holy Name. Amen

  10. Father,

    Forgive us our sins as we pray for those who have sinned against You as well. We may never know what leads individuals down the many paths they choose, but we do know The One who can lead them out of the wilderness, and that is Your Son, Jesus Christ, who reigns supreme this day and every day into eternity!!! May You, oh Father, send Your Spirit to arrest the hearts of those who are lost today in some darkened ideaology or worldview that will only lead them farther from You. Bring them back today in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!!! And for Your glory oh Lord we pray, amen!

  11. Lord Jesus, I pray that you would let the members of ISIS hear your voice calling them to turn their hearts to you. Call them to repent of their sins and call upon you to save them. Please save the people in the Middle East and the lost throughout the world.
    We ask this in the Name of our Lord Jesus. Amen and amen!

  12. Jesus, you made the blind see and the deaf hear. Please open the eyes and the ears of ISIS members. Open their hearts to your voice and change their hearts. Give them healing and safety in your embrace. Speak to their inmost being, poor the oil of compassion on their wounds and forgive their sins. May they know your peace and love that has no end. Amen.

  13. I also pray for those–some of whom claim to be Christian–who hate ISIS and other Moslems. Please lift the burden of hatred from their hearts. In Your name, Lord

  14. ” and I pray that you, together with all of Gods holy people, may grasp how wide and long and deep and high is the love of Christ and to know this love that surpasses knowledge. that you may be filled the the measure of the fullness of God “

  15. We praise and thank You, Lord, that You are a personal God. You speak to each of us in a voice that we will hear and understand as you call to us. You created us, You know us. Please speak to each member of ISIS in the language and voice they will hear. Tear down the lies they have believed, open their ears to hear and touch their hearts to respond to Your voice. Stop them in their tracks as you did Saul if they are plotting evil. Cause them to see You and respond to You. We praise You, our Almighty Sovereign, that no one is beyond Your love or power to reach. Save those who will hear and obey today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  16. Luke 7:32-35 They brought to Him one who was deaf and spoke with difficulty, and they begged Him to lay His hand upon him. And taking him away from the crowd, He put His fingers in his ears, and having spit, He touched his tongue, and looking up to heaven, He sighed, and said to him, “Ephphatha”, that is, “Be opened.” And immediately his ears were opened, and the binding of his tongue was loosed, and he was speaking plainly.

    May it be so. May He stop their ears from hearing deceit and Open them to His voice and may they then confess with their mouths that, Jesus is Lord.

  17. Dear Father, thank you for being able to speak to people individually in a way each one can hear and understand. Please do that today for all those who have not yet heard the truth of Jesus. Open their hearts and bring them out of the caves of their minds to the light of salvation through Christ alone. Thank you for those you will save today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  18. Lord, we know you spoke to Saul who persecuted your church. Speak to Da’esh (ISIS) members so they can hear Your message. In Your name I pray, amen

  19. Dear Father,

    Yours be the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever! Reach out to the lost sheep this day and arrest and capture their hearts for good use in Your Kingdom! May they serve Jesus Christ in Your Kingdom of light and no longer grope about in the darkness of this world!

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