Day 11 – Hearts to be Softened and Transformed by the Spirit

“I  will  give  them  an  undivided  heart  and  put  a  new  spirit  in  them;  I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh. Then they will follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. They  will  be  my  people  and  I  will  be  there  God.”  – Ezekiel 11:19-20

  1. Pray for hearts to be softened and transformed. Pray for our hearts and for repentance from our own anger, hatred, and bitterness towards them. Pray for forgiveness for the sins of our own people against them (crusades). Pray for forgiveness in our hearts, that we would have compassion on them like Jesus and  say  “Forgive  them  for  they  know  not  what  they  do.”
  2. Pray  for  God  to  soften  their  hearts  and   remove anger, hatred and bitterness. Pray for a heart fully devoted to God and the presence of the Holy Spirit to lead.

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“Day 11 – Hearts to be Softened and Transformed by the Spirit”

  1. Dear Father, thank you that time is your invention, and you aren’t bound by it; you use it for your purposes. So even though it’s been such a long time that we’ve been praying on this site, these prayers aren’t wasted or ineffective. Please glorify your name today, Lord. Bring millions of muslims to Jesus, and the relief and joy of knowing they are loved and saved. Thank you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. Father, please forgive us for being such poor representatives of Your Word. Forgive us the violence of our thoughts, our hearts, and the literal violence under “The Church” in the past. Forgive us for fear. Please teach us to love our enemy, because ‘Perfect love casts out Fear’. We pray for Your Spirit to indwell us and that we would be Your Epistle to all.

    Please remove the heart of stone and evil of ISIS. The heart that delights in death. Please create in them a clean heart and renew a right spirit in them. Cast them not away from Your presence, but rescue them.

    In Jesus’ name we pray.

  3. Dear Father, Psalm 115:2 asks, “Why should the nations ask, ‘Where is their God now?'” You know muslims and atheists and all sorts of others are asking that. They should be able to see you in your church, if we love the way you want us to. Please give us the grace to do that. Please bless the Christians who are being persecuted by isis and others. Please come and do awesome things for your great name’s sake. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  4. Dear Father, we choose to focus on you today because you are great and nothing is impossible to you. You are loving, compassionate, and wise beyond all measure. You are able to display your power to those trapped in islam and we pray you would do that today. Display your glory and your truth, Lord. Bring millions of muslims to Jesus. Thank you for all you will do today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  5. Dear Father, we pray without ceasing that you would bring isis and all muslims to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Do whatever else you have to do because you have already done the greatest thing in sending Jesus. Open their hearts to your reality and truth, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  6. Dear Father, I confess I am no better than my fathers; I choke at the revelation of ugly truth which demonstrates that my heart is just as depraved as any muslim’s. I repent of the arrogant pseudo-gratitude of the Pharisee in the temple. Please give me your perspective and break my heart with the things that break yours. Create in me a clean heart, O God. Thank you for forgiveness. Thank you for making all things new. Please open the hearts and eyes of isis and muslims everywhere so you can bring in your new life and your truth to them. Thank you for those you will save today. Thank you for the real joy they will experience today. I give you praise and honor and glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  7. Dear Heavenly Father
    Soften my hard heart. I pray for our hearts and for repentance from our own anger, hatred, and bitterness towards the Isis people and what they have done. I pray for forgiveness for the sins of our own people against them (crusades). I pray for understanding and forgiveness in our hearts, that we would have compassion on them like Jesus and say “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”
    I pray for hearts to be softened and transformed.
    I pray for you Lord God to soften their hearts and remove anger, hatred and bitterness. I pray for a heart fully devoted to God and the presence of the Holy Spirit to lead them and others to know your infinite mercies.
    In Jesus´name
    Amen Alleluia

  8. Dear Father, I pray that you would help us to see ISIS and all Muslims as you do. I pray that you would give us an urgency in our hearts to see their souls saved. Help us to pray and press in with urgency, that no souls would be lost today. Father I pray to have the heart of Jesus toward all those who are lost. I pray that you would strike down and obliterate completely the strongholds that keep Muslims of all types in bondage. Set them free. Turn their hearts to Jesus today and let millions be saved. In Jesus’ name.

  9. Dear Father, we declare that you are holy. You are separate, set apart, and awesome. Who can behold you and live? But because you sent Jesus we can come to you with thanksgiving and praise, and know you love us and hear us. We come humbly and boldly today and ask that you would give us your perspective on isis and all muslims so we can love and pray for them your way. Whatever else you may give us to pray, we start by asking you to show them the truth of Jesus and save them. Thank you for forgiveness and salvation through Jesus only. Thank you for those you will save out of islam today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  10. Dear Father, you’re faithful. You’re always the same and you’re always good. We find rest in you. What a tremendous difference between you and the demon who controls isis and all those trapped in islam. You’re greater, and you love unconditionally. Please act today to show thousands of muslims the reality of Jesus. We continue to pray persistently, and we believe you are answering. It’s who you are, Lord. We give you praise for each soul you will save today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. Dear Father, thank you for your love and protection and compelling mercy. Please work mightily in the hearts of those trapped in the emptiness and fear of islam today. Thank you for those you will save, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  12. Dear Father, your Word says in Deuteronomy 29:18 that a root of bitterness is a result of idolatry. As we pray for isis and all muslims to be delivered from bitterness and anger, we ask that you would show them the root of all their misery is the false god they worship. Show them the truth, Lord, that they are sacrificing their sons and daughters to an idol when they strap suicide vests on their children and shed the innocent blood of their own children and others. Deliver these people from islam in any form or sect. Deliver them from delusion. Please turn what the enemy has meant for evil into good and glory for you. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  13. Lord, may we have hearts tender and sensitive enough to love our enemies and to bless those who persecute us and have tried to kill us. May we see that You desire that all be saved including those who are living hatefully and wickedly because if they truly get a glimpse of Your great love and sacrifice for them, they can change and serve You as well. What a witness they can then be for You to all Muslims around the world! You said that you meant for your church to be a house of prayer for ALL nations, so we pray for that to happen, Lord. Let Your kingdom come and let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Many deceivers have come into the world and weakened many in America who need to be in prayer as well. Lord, as You opened my eyes to pray for my enemies, please open my brothers and sisters eyes to do likewise…Amen.

  14. Mighty God, Abba Father. I pray for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. I ask that you soften our hardened hearts, remove any bitterness, anger and hatred. Help us to fix our eyes on you, the God of Abraham. Help us to open our hearts and lives to you, totally, to yield to the leading of your Spirit. Have your way with us. I pray your Joy, Love, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, and Self-Control will flood our lives and overflow abundantly to those around me. Open our eyes, Lord, to see your Way. Thank-you. I praise you. I worship you. Amen.

  15. Dear Father, Romans 2:11 says there is no partiality with you. You so loved the world that you sent Jesus. You have been so gracious to us, giving us the ability to believe and receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Please give that same grace to isis members today. According to Romans 9:30, please let these Gentiles who did not pursue righteousness attain to the righteousness of faith. Please help me make it my heart’s desire and prayer that they, and all muslims and all people who have not surrendered to Jesus, may be saved. Thank you for those whom you will save today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  16. Father, forgive me as a part of Your family for all the wrongs that I have done towards all the muslim people. We as Your body were afraid for them. We did not konow how to show them Yous love. We kept Your love for ourselves and we have given them in the hands of the world and under control of satan. Forgive us for not letting them see You in our lives. forgive us that we have given them so may vile things out of our culture. Forgive us in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ.
    Give us Your love for them. Give us a passionate love for them, the love You have for them.
    Forgive them for not searching but just following in footsteps that they never made themselves. Soften their hearts and give us a new opportunity to share with them Your Good News.

  17. Dear Father, I am trying to focus on you. You are the Sovereign Lord; nothing happens without your knowledge and you know the end from the beginning. More terror, now in California. I have no direct information but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this was a test run by isis. Dear God, I need your Holy Spirit to pray according to Romans 8:26. We can’t give up. We still pray for the salvation of every isis member and every muslim. We can’t lose sight of you. We trust you. We worship you. It’s not escapism; it’s reality. Thank you for protection, and for wisdom for all those involved in public safety. Come do awesome things today, please. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  18. O Lord it is only you who can change people’s hearts. Take away hearts of stone and replace them with hearts that have been softened by your love. Transform lives from the inside out. Transform us too, giving us soft hearts of love for Muslim people particularly those in our towns and cities.

  19. Dear Father, you want us to hate what you hate. We bring these isis members and all muslims to you. They are pawns in the hand of the evil one. It’s satan and his plans that we hate. We know Jesus defeated him at Calvary. We pray that you would enforce that victory and deliver these deluded slaves. Please come and do awesome things today. I pray deliverance and freedom and truth for thousands of muslims today. Please stop the invasion of Germany and other countries. Let those who have gone to Europe with evil intents be brought face to face with Jesus. Thank you for what you will do today to glorify Jesus. We pray in his name. Amen.

  20. Lord I come before your throne and prayerfully I lift up my petition on behalf of the Isis members. Send your spirit upon them and by the working of your spirit let their lives be changed. Sprinkle the clean waters of your word and hereafter may your word nourish and transform them. Give them a new heart and a new mind. Take away their stubborn heart of stone and give them a new heart full of thy love. May they do great exploits in your kingdom and bring lost souls in thy kingdom and prepare the world for your glorious second coming. Amen.

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