Day 10 – Boldness and Confidence

And all who heard him were amazed and said, “Is not this the man who made havoc in Jerusalem of those who called upon this name? And has he not come here for this purpose, to bring them bound before the chief priests?” But Saul increased all the more in strength, and confounded the Jews who lived in Damascus by proving that Jesus was the Christ. Acts 9:21-22

Pray for those that God will save out of ISIS to have extreme boldness and a fruitful witness! Pray that others from ISIS and the world would look at them and marvel at the radical change. Pray that many would  be  “confounded”  by  their  testimony.

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“Day 10 – Boldness and Confidence”

  1. Dear Lord I pray that you will prompt each member of ISIS and make them bold enough to approach Your throne of grace with confidence, so that they may receive mercy and find grace. May they be strong and courageous and not afraid. I pray that they will learn that You Oh Lord are also their God and will be with them wherever they go. Amen

  2. Open the eyes of their hearts Lord, open the eyes of their hearts so that every single member of ISIS will see You as You really are, see You as their Redeemer, Lord and Saviour, Brother and Friend. Amen

  3. Lord Jesus, reveal yourself to ISIS members so they will see the difference between where they are and the light of your presence. They will yearn for your light. Cause them to experience the power of love, your love and desire to share it with others. Bless them with the strength to go forward in knowing you. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  4. Dear Lord I pray that all members of ISIS will make a joyful shout to You Lord God and sing honour to Your Name, making Your praise glorious. Let them be happy and leap for joy knowing that a great reward awaits them in heaven. Fill their mouths with laughter and their lips with shouts of joy. Amen

  5. Heavenly Father, As each member of ISIS is set free and as they turn to You and surrender their lives to You, may they go forward with boldness and may confidence be the finishing chord of every contact that they have with You. Fill them with the desire to end all contact on a note of Joy. I pray that You will reveal to them that the union between the soul and You is attained in its beauty and complete satisfaction only when in every incident that soul achieves praise. May they no the joy of Love and Laughter, thanking You for it all the time. Amen

  6. Dear Lord, may we be enabled by You to convey to all members of ISIS by our love and care and our prayers for their salvation that there is really only one cure for their ills and that is Union with Jesus Christ our Lord. Fill us with Your Sublime Audacity Lord so that we are led in our prayers for them to claim the unclaimable – their salvation. May we dare to suffer so that together we will conquer. Amen

  7. Heavenly Father I come before You today to boldly and confidently claim salvation for every single member of ISIS. May they all come to know You as Lord, their Lord and to trust You in everything, and know that You are there to help them all the time. I pray that they will come to know the treasures of Your Kingdom. Such wonderful things can be theirs-Your Joy, Peace, Assurance, Security, Health, Happiness and Laughter. Nothing is too big to ask for so I claim abundant blessings on them all. Amen

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