Day 7 – Faith Above Fear

So Ananias departed and entered the house. Acts 9:17

Pray that God would raise up believers like Ananias to go and share the hope of Jesus to ISIS members. The risk was real for Ananias but God sent him to Saul for a purpose and with a promise. Pray that God would clearly call believers to go to those whom he has chosen out of ISIS. Pray that God would remove their fear and that he would use them for his glory. Pray for the “Sauls” in ISIS (for the 1,000 believers) that God would prepare their hearts to receive God’s messengers and message.

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“Day 7 – Faith Above Fear”

  1. Heavenly Father I pray that all my ISIS brothers and sisters will hear Your gentle knocking on the door of their hearts and that they will keep that listening ear until it becomes a response to the longing of their hearts for You Lord. May they hear Your Voice, open the door of their hearts and invite You in to eat with them and they with You. What a feast! Then they will know the Joy of Your Salvation and see their many fears banished just at the utterance of Your Name. Only You can transform them by the renewing of their minds so transform them Lord.Amen

  2. Dear Lord, We know that fear is evil and there is no room for fear in the heart in which You dwell. We bring every member of ISIS before You now with their many, many fears and by claiming the Power of Your Name JESUS we cast out all fear. We are all afraid of poverty, loneliness, unemployment, sickness. many, many are mankind’s fears. Nation is afraid of nation. Fear, fear is everywhere so let us fight it as we would a plague. may we turn it out of our lives, our homes, fight it singly, fight it together. Let us never inspire fear. It is an evil ally – fear of punishment, fear of blame. No work that employs this enemy of the Lord is work for Him so let us banish it and proclaim to our ISIS brothers and sisters that there is another and better way. May they turn their eyes upon Jesus and ask Him and he will show them that better way so that their lives will be filled with Love and Laughter. Amen

  3. Dear Lord , I speak Your Name Jesus into the hearts and minds and souls of every single member of ISIS. It is the Name that casts out all fear and at which the devil flees. It is the Name which prepares the ‘soil’ in the hearts of unbelievers so that when the seed of faith is planted it will germinate and grow. It is the Name which brings healing, salvation peace and joy and an abundance of Love, His Love, the Love of Jesus. Amen

  4. Dear Lord Jesus, You are the only one who can eliminate fear in our lives and in the lives of all the members of ISIS.So begin with me and instead of me thinking about you help me to dwell with You more and more because only that will establish perfect fearlessness within me. I know in my heart that there cannot be fear in the heart in which You dwell. You conquered all fear when You conquered all Satanic power and that is the truth. When all Your followers know this and affirm it with absolute conviction there will be no need for armed forces to combat evil. May we all continue to fight this enemy with Your Divine Weapons – Peace, Love, Joy, Your Healing Power and Saving Grace, all of which are embodied in Your Almighty Name JESUS. Amen

  5. Oh Father, in the last few days, more attacks, more killings, more innocent lives lost. Come, Lord Jesus. Come into the hearts of these militant terrorists. Come and save. Jesus, You prayed from the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” These ones also have believed the lie of the enemy and don’t know what they are doing. Reveal Your truth, Your love, Your glory, Your light to dispel the darkness. Cause them to see, hear and know the truth. Call them to Yourself. Come and save. Thank You, Lord Jesus. In Your Name we pray

  6. Lord, I have not prayed as I should. I have given in to hopelessness. Please forgive me. I have begun to hear reports of your appearing to Muslims and changing their hearts. Please change my heart to care deeply for what you care for. Please forgive me for losing hope. I chose to believe your word. Please release those who are bound by the teachings of Islam and ISIS. In Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen

  7. Father, Thank you for the encouragement I have received this week, that You are sending visions to the unreached around the world. Please send these convicting visions to those you will call out of ISIS and it’s related terror groups around the world. May there be many “Sauls” today who receive such a vision and respond, repent and turn from their evil ways. May you thwart the evil plans devised by those terror groups and provide escape for believers today. May Your Will, be done on earth as it is in Heaven,

  8. ” no weapon formed against me shall prosper….. if God is for you who can be against you ” God I ask that you rise up your truth through prophets, prayers, and Holy Spirit that the truth of Jesus Christ may set isis free. In Jesus’s mighty name

  9. Dear Father, I prayed on this page exactly a year ago today. I don’t know how many isis members or other muslims have been saved since then. I trust you have saved millions who have stepped through fear to faith. Please keep doing that, Lord. Let truth be more important than fear or religiosity. Thank you for all those you will save this day, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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