Day 4 – Troubles and Evil Plans Used for Good

Saul rose from the ground, and although his eyes were opened, he saw nothing. So they led him by the hand and brought him into Damascus.  And for three days he was without sight, and neither ate nor drank. – Acts 9:8-9

In Numbers 22-24 Balak, the king of Moab, was threatened  by  God’s  people.  So he hired Balaam to curse them so that he could then defeat them. Balaam attempted to  curse  God’s  people  three times and each time God caused him to bless the nation. Balak was of course very frustrated; his plans for harm instead brought good to his enemies!

God caused blindness so that Saul could really see! Sometimes  God’s  children  need  to  go  through   difficulties to be able to really see God. We would normally think of blindness as bad,  but  in  Paul’s  case God uses it for good! We also see God thwart evil plans and instead use them for good. Paul will later go on to say in his letter to the Romans that “God  uses  all  things  for  good”. Pray that God would thwart evil plans and instead use them for good! Pray that  each  time  they  “try  to  curse”  or  destroy  others  that   instead it would bring about a blessing! Pray that evil plans for tearing down would instead build up! Plans of death would instead bring life! Plans of hatred would instead bring love! Pray that God would bring about frustration and that in the frustration (like the King) that they would see the hand of God not allowing it and instead surrender to his will and ways.

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“Day 4 – Troubles and Evil Plans Used for Good”

  1. Father God, we praise and thank You, that in Your economy, the trials and sufferings of Your children are never wasted. You squeeze good out of every situation, even the evil plans and deeds of those who are blinded to the truth of who You are and seek to destroy in the name of a false god. You alone are the eternal Great I Am. Remove the scales from their eyes. Be a thorn in their flesh as You thwart their evil plans and turn them for Your good purposes, that their hearts may fear You and acknowledge You as their Sovereign. May the light, life, and love of Jesus Christ bring them to true salvation. In Your Most Holy Name, Amen

  2. Dear Father, another day of ramadan. Another day closer to the return of Christ. Another day to try to see things from your eternal perspective–another day to trust you and believe you are working in the hearts of muslims all over the world to show them the truth of Jesus. Thank you for using what the evil one plots, and turning it for good. We give you praise and honor and glory for those you will save today, especially imams and isis leaders. Thank you for your unfathomable love and grace, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  3. Send your Holy Spirit Lord to bless and turn the hearts of the Isis people to you and to know you.
    In Jesus’ Name

  4. O Lord you can turn any and all our evil ways to your good .. Open the eyes of the Isis people when they plan evil that your light would pour into their hearts and turn them around making them do good and turning to you. You sent Lord Jesus to be the Light of the World, O Lord let that light shine into the darkness of the Isis peoples’ hearts and let them meet Jesus as Paul did on that road to Damascus.
    I pray this in Jesus’ Name
    Maranatha Come Lord Jesus

  5. Dear Father, the song today is “You Are Worthy of it All”–for from you are all things and to you are all things. You deserve the glory. We do give you all the glory today, Lord. Thank you for what you will do this day that will ultimately bring you glory, even if we don’t see it that way from our perspective here and now. Perhaps you will soon reach the point you speak of in Psalm 2:4-5 when you stop laughing at the wicked and start displaying your righteous anger, if you haven’t already. Even your anger can bring good. Please bring us to repentance. Please bring those muslims whom you know want real truth to Jesus. Do what you know must be done today to glorify your name. Thank you that you are good and you are in control. We give you praise today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  6. Lord God, You are a good, good Father! And You love us so much! We pray that You reveal this same love to those evil doers who this very day are plotting evil against Your children. Bring them out of the darkness and into Your Light! In the Wonderful Name of Jesus, we pray!

  7. Dear Father, you have the perfect plan. It’s going in a straight line from to creation to Jesus’ return, uninterrupted. All the “ites” of the Old Testament were part of it; isis is part of it now. You work all things together for good for those who love you and are the called according to your purposes. You act for your great name’s sake. Still, we cry out for an end to this terror against your church and your people Israel. Please let that be part of your plan. Please save millions of muslims trapped in sin and deception today. Please let your Kingdom come and your will be done, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. Jesus, there is trouble all around, and it reminds me of the words of Psalm 22. It is so hard for me to love the members of ISIS. Lord, you were cruelly tortured and in your suffering you said, Father forgive them for they know not what they do! So I choose to follow you and cry out to you for the salvation of the ISIS members and all Muslims. I ask that you would thwart their plans for evil against their victims as you did with Balak in Numbers. Please forgive me for not living as you love. I love you, Lord, because you died for me and for all, including ISIS.

  9. Father again I want to lift the members of IS and all terror fighters in the world to You. As You say: You are our refuge and our strenght so we lift it up to You. You can turn things that people mean for evil into good and curses into blessings. I invite You to do just that. Open their eyes for Your truth. And open our eyes for Your power and glory! Amen

  10. Dear Father, thank you for the supposed cease-fire in Syria. I don’t know how long it will last or even if it held through the night. Please use this time to cause all those fighting on all sides to focus on you. Don’t just give them time to catch their breath and rearm. Make them see all their ways are foolish and evil. Show them that unless they bless and support Israel they are fighting you. Please open the eyes of these fighters and their leaders. Please show yourself strong, Mighty God of Israel. Please glorify the name of Jesus by saving thousands of muslims today. Thank you for what you will do, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. Lord God Almighty,
    Frustrate the plans of those who would do evil. Raise up believers in Jesus Christ who will respond to evil with love, to hatred with a blessing. Win over unbelievers with your kindness, with your love, and with your compassion. I pray that millions this day will come into your Kingdom as believers in Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

  12. Dear Father, Proverbs 24:21-22 says, “fear both the Eternal and His anointed ruler. It is not wise to associate with those rebelling against them because disaster can arise from either of them without warning, and who knows what destruction comes down from both of them?” We pray that the fear of the Lord will fall heavily on isis and all muslims. Give them the awareness of your power and sovereignty, so they will tremble before you. Please open their hearts to you. Please let your kingdom come and your will be done today. We pray in Jesus” name. Amen.

  13. Father God, shine your light into the darkness. Send your Holy Spirit to convict the ISIS followers to recognize you, Jesus, as the one true living God. Stop them in their tracks to see you clearly and to recognize they have been deceived, and repent and turn to you. In your loving mercy fit them for your kingdom purpose so that all people groups will know you.

  14. Father God, shine your light into the darkness. Send your Holy Spirit to convict the ISIS followers to recognize you, Jesus, as the one true living God. Stop them in their tracks to see you clearly and to recognize they have been deceived, and repent and turn to you. In your loving mercy restore those who repent and for them for your kingdom purpose so that all people groups will know you.

  15. Dear Father, you are perfection and your ultimate will is perfect. Thank you for orchestrating everything, regardless of what it is, for the outcome of your perfect will and your glory. So we pray for isis and all muslims, and all those attracted to the violence and terror of isis. Please let your Kingdom come and your will be done in these individual lives. Do what you know is best–we trust you, Lord, even when we don’t see or understand. We give you praise and thanks in everything according to your Word, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  16. thank-you God that I could really enter in to this Day 4 prayer of troubles and evil plans used for good and say amen knowing that Lord you may not have planned this evil but you permit it, Lord Your Will in Your way. Lord You can thwart evil plans, plans to tear down can build up, may those 1000 who are sincerely deceived be confused by what they see in their present evil way and seek the truth, and find relationship in Jesus as the way the truth and the life. Glory

  17. Father in heaven, glory to Your name! May Your Name be exalted all over the earth. That all the plans that people mean to harm bring forth Your fruit which is good, exceedingly good. May we as believers stand in the gap for all the muslim people so that their eyes will be opened and minds will unblock. That they will see Your righthand bringing forth good fruit, bringing forth blessings upon the earth.
    To the everlasting glory of Yoy Name, Amen

  18. Dear Father,
    Open the eyes of your people here in America in particular so they might finally sense the urgency needed right now to change our course as a country. We must start to bless your chosen people and no longer find reasons to allow evil or cursing to affect them. When we bless Israel, we will be blessed and as we stop doing things that curse Israel, we may hope to no longer be cursed. We need to see the connection between our wickedness against the unborn and turning away from Your chosen people and ignoring our persecuted Christian brothers so we can begin to hope for peace and deliverance from natural disasters and from ISIS and all our enemies around the world who desire to destroy us. Help us, dear Lord! We are like Samson, who You intended for great things…like Samson fell for worldly women and sensual desires, we as a country have been led by our fleshly desires and sinned greatly before You. Now we are beginning to realize our strength leaving us, Your Spirit leaving us…we seem to be blind right now as Samson was blinded. Forgive us and deliver us from evil…open our eyes so we may yet have a chance to still do what You originally intended for us to do

  19. Lord of life bring life and light were these people want to bring darkness and fear. May you transform their lives and turn their plans up side down. May you frustrate their evil intentions and bring your blessings of salvation to them, their families and their communities.

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