Day 7 – Faith Above Fear

So Ananias departed and entered the house. Acts 9:17

Pray that God would raise up believers like Ananias to go and share the hope of Jesus to ISIS members. The risk was real for Ananias but God sent him to Saul for a purpose and with a promise. Pray that God would clearly call believers to go to those whom he has chosen out of ISIS. Pray that God would remove their fear and that he would use them for his glory. Pray for the “Sauls” in ISIS (for the 1,000 believers) that God would prepare their hearts to receive God’s messengers and message.

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“Day 7 – Faith Above Fear”

  1. Dear Father, there is such a thing as the winepress of the wrath of God–something to fear exceedingly. It’s the fear of you that’s the beginning of wisdom. Let us have reverential fear of you that results in obedience. Please establish your throne in all those places where islam has a stronghold. Put the fear of you in the hearts of muslim leaders. Let those born and raised in islam’s lies start to question what they were taught. Come and do something today that will evoke great praise to you today–so that even the rocks will cry out. Give your people courage and love today. Motivate us to obey you regardless of fear of what man can do. Thank you for your protection. Thank you for what you will do in response to our obedience today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. Dear Father, when we pray that there would be no terrorist attack, and you answer, the result is that nothing happens. Then when people see nothing, it’s usually not understood as answered prayer; they think you’re not real or ignoring us. But we are grateful. We know things could be so much worse if it weren’t for your active mercy. So we will not fear. We choose to believe you and to recognize your protection. We continue to pray for salvation for isis and all muslims because we can’t see those you save either, but we believe you are bringing millions of them to Jesus. Thank you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  3. Dear Father, ramadan continues and you are still in control. Please bring millions of muslims to faith in Jesus as they go through their religious rituals. Show them their futility and their desperate need of Jesus. Show them the horror and evil and lies and stupidity of their tyrannical religion, and contrast it to the loving alternative of Jesus. Thank you for those you will save today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  4. Dear Father, Jesus said we are to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking. He said you would answer and your answer would be good. So we are still asking for an end to this terrorism. There are still horrible reports of slaughtering your People of the Cross. Please answer today. Please intervene. We need you. Please give your people strength and grace and boldness to show the love of Jesus to isis and all muslims. Along with Israel we remember the Holocaust today. Things haven’t changed, Lord; the evil one has just switched his mask. Please help. Please let your Kingdom come in an obvious way today. Thank you for the muslims you will save today. Thank you for the hearts you will change today. We give you praise and honor and glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  5. Lord Jesus, please prepare the hearts of the ISIS members and Muslims in general, to receive your gift of salvation. Please create a longing in their hearts and spirits for you, Jesus. Please help them to desire you above everything else. Please let the salvation begin to multiply exponentially and let the world see a great miracle of salvation upon salvation in the ISIS controlled areas and throughout the world. I ask it in Jesus’s name. Amen. For your glory.

  6. Dear Father, as today’s song says, we are filled with awestruck wonder at the mention of your name. Let that be true in that city where isis is using Christians as hostages. Bring the fear and awe of you into the midst of the enemy. Turn the tables, Lord, that the captives may take control and lead these captors to Christ. You are able to do that. Your name is power, love, and living water. We cry holy, holy, holy! Come and do awesome things today! Thank you for what you are doing and will do today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  7. Dear Father, the song today is in another language. Except that I know its source, I wouldn’t know it’s a praise song. Perhaps there are isis members or other muslims who don’t understand your language of real love or real fear of the Lord, or the very absolute truth of their need for Jesus. Please let them be uneasy and realize that they don’t know truth. Put the sincere fear of God into their hearts so they will diligently seek you, and will find you, as you promise in your Word. Help them understand, please. We ask this knowing your love and mercy toward us, and we are unspeakably grateful to you. We praise you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. Dearest Lord, my Savior, please save those trapped by ISIS. Set the captives free with the freedom that Jesus Christ purchased with His blood upon the cross. It is for freedom that Christ died to set them free. Free them, Dear Savior, free them! Praise God. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  9. Dear Father, the song now is that you are our everything. Please show muslims that they have nothing without you. Let them see that there is no hope or salvation except in Jesus. Escort Christians into appointments with isis members and other muslims, even those in their neighborhoods. Help them to not be afraid, but to speak your truth with love and boldness and urgency. We pray that thousands of muslims will come to Jesus today. Thank you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  10. Dear Father, you alone are worthy. You alone are God and we adore you. We love you and we come into your presence with reverential fear, joy, and confidence that you love us with an everlasting love. Thank you for keeping that truth foremost in the hearts and minds of your People of the Cross as they come into contact with those trapped in islam, or are threatened by isis. Surround your people with your presence that can be felt, as the soldiers fell back before Jesus in the Garden. Please bring thousands of muslims to Jesus today. We ask according to your Word and for your glory, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. Lord, may we be ready to lay down our lives for your cause. Help us to be willing lose all to gain a soul for heaven because eternity is real. Give us more heaven mindedness everyday, setting our minds on things of heaven, seeking to stay filled with Your Spirit, filled with Your Word, filled with Your wisdom. The wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion….those who forsake instruction praise the wicked but such as keep instruction contend with them.

  12. Father You alone know our hearts: we are often afraid to share Your good news, the life You are giving us through Yor Son. We are tempted to hide it and keep it to ourselves. We see that people ridicule You, we hear that the world thinks we are nuts and we believe it. Learn us, teach us to believe in Your truth in stead of the “truth” of the world. Lead us to go in Your way. To be as Jesus to those who are lost. Without You and Your salvation all these people will be lost. Give us Your heart for all those around us. Give the believers in de caliphate a special annointing with Your Spirit that they may share Your salvation with those that You put in their path. Teach us to fix our eyes on You and Your strenghth, Your Spirit just as Ananias did when he went to Saul. Give Your children in the area of isis the same faith that Ananias had when he went. Give them hands that will bless. hearts that will love whatever. Let Your Name be glorified.

  13. Father, You know us, You know our fear. You know our cowardice. We want to fit right in and not be any different, but You call us to be different. to be a light in ths dark world. You know I often say: `I will do this` and then shrink back and not do it. Forgive me and fill me with Your strenght. Fill all those who know isis fighters with Your strenght and Your zeal. That Your message will be passed on and that those who live in darkness will lift up their eyes and see Yout face shining down in love.
    Make us fearless in You for to You alone belongs our life.

  14. Dear Father, we give you thanks for answered prayer. You have protected us and millions of others from isis attacks over the Thanksgiving holiday. Isis plotted but you prevented their plans from being effective. Please open the eyes of the leaders and their deluded followers to see that our God fights for us, as you showed the Philistines and other pagan nations in your Word. Show them they are defeated, and in desperate need of Jesus. Show them your love, particularly now as the Christmas season is starting. Thank you, Lord. We don’t take your protection for granted. We look forward to awesome things in the days ahead and we give you praise in Jesus’ name. Amen. .

  15. Dear Father, thank you that no prayer is wasted. Thank you for all the prayers you have already answered for these isis members. Thank you for those who will decide to believe the truth of Jesus today. Give them the strength to actually leave isis. Don’t let the fear of reprisal keep them trapped in islam. Bring them out into your marvelous light. We pray for your people of the Cross to be fearless in the face of the enemy. We glorify you, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  16. Abba Father We know, Part of the Curse is Spiritual Blindness and Deception when people do not know they are blind and deceived. It is in everyone of us, the sin nature, released from the governing hand of Yehovah. It is passion without judgment, creative desire without discipline. It is precisely what James calls the precursor to sin. And it is a part of every man and woman since the Fall. In the Authority of Yehoshua, we decree, declare and take authority over ALL demonic spirits and human sin nature that are controlling the spirits, souls and bodies of the citizens, children and animals in all nations! We say to You enemy, we see Your schemes with the citizens of all nations and we decree and declare to You that we are servants of the most High God, and we walk in His Power and Authority. We decree and declare you powerless in the lives of our Father’s Servants and we decree and declare to you in His Name that the lost souls are covered by the Blood of Yehoshua for protection from you. We know the Blood of Yehoshua will never lose its power. It reaches to the mountaintops and flows to the lowest valley. His Blood gives us strength for battle and we STAND in the position of victory for all nations. We will love our enemies and pray for them to be released from evil forces and their eyes open to truth. In the Power and Authority of the Name of Yehoshua, given to us to pray the LORD’s end times prayer in His Will, Way and Timing. Yehmein

  17. …Have mercy, O Lord our God, upon the righteous and faithful of all peoples. … Pour Your spirit upon the rulers of all lands; guide them that they may govern justly. … Father rebuke the influence of the Fallen Watchers in us!” … Their chains be broken, the scales be removed, the veil taken away and their eyes open to the truth that our Father loves and will forgive them if they repent by renewing their minds. May they hunger and thirst for His righteousness and be filled. Where there is joy, give them continued Joy, where there is pain; give them Your Peace and Mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a Renewed Confidence. Where there is need, fulfill their Needs. …ABBA Yehovah it is only by Your unfailing agape (unconditional) ahava (love) and by Your Mercy (withheld deserved judgment) and by Your Grace, (unmerited Favor) that we are made whole and sustained. We pray and rebuke all wrong teaching, idols, evil thoughts, dreams and spoken words that we have ever thought or spoke, let them be cast down, smashed to the ground and forgotten, all in Your Mighty Name and Precious Blood of Yehoshua/Yeshua.

  18. Oh god of the impossible, you are in control of everything. Thank you lord that you shall raise up anointed men and women to take the gospel of your kingdom to the Isis members just as you used Ananias to anoint Saul who was persecuting the church. We pray that through the anointed people you shall fill the whole earth with your glory and you shall change many sauls into Pauls so that we have a glorious church full of glory. In Jesus name and in the power of his spirit I pray this prayer. Amen.

  19. Dear Father, you are the only answer. Please let isis and all muslims ask the right question. Let them see the stark choice they have to make between life and death. Make it so unmistakably obvious–Jesus or eternal horror. Please comfort your People of the Cross as they mourn, yet stand strong for you. Please protect your people Israel as the evil one tries to provoke yet another war. Jesus is all that matters. He will restore all things. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

  20. Lord, we hear of your recent move in Egypt. Thank you for lifting our hearts with assurance that the blood of the martyrs are not shed in vain. Lord we pray for more wise release of reports of your victory through the witness of the tortured Christians. We rejoice with the Christians beheaded as they sang praises to you, in Jesus name.

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