Day 8 – Restoration and New Life

And laying his hands on him he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus who appeared to you on the road by which you came has sent me so that you may regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. Then he rose and was baptized; and taking food, he was strengthened. – Acts 9:18-19

Therefore thus says the Lord: “If you return, I will restore you, and you shall stand before me. – Jeremiah 15:19

Pray that God would bring restoration to the members of ISIS. Pray that like Saul that they would find both physical and spiritual restoration. Our spiritual depravity does affect our physical bodies. Pray that like Paul that would find healing – body, mind and soul. Pray that Jesus would give them new life through the Holy Spirit and baptism like he did to Paul. Pray that these 1,000 believers from ISIS would be baptized!

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“Day 8 – Restoration and New Life”

  1. Father,
    I confess that I have not been faithful to pray as I should for the rulers of our country and my enemies. But You are Faithful! You can pray through me for them. Give me a heart for the lost and for our leaders. Transform their hearts with the power of Your love. You know whose names and lives You have chosen. Just as Saul thought to serve You by persecuting Christians, You intervened and the scales fell from his eyes and he rose and was baptized,
    Praise You for Your sovereignty,

  2. Dear Lord as I bring each member of ISIS before You I pray that they will receive deep life-giving draughts of Your Spirit, to was away their sins and set them free from the lies of the enemy. It is only the cleansing waters of Your Spirit that will wash away all theirs sins and everything that hinders their growth and satisfy to the full every thirst of their newly restored nature. Amen

  3. Dear Father God,
    Please send your Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to the members of ISIS. Please let them repent from defying you and give themselves totally to you. Save them. Rescue them from the false god of Islam and make them members of your kingdom.
    I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

  4. Dearest Father, I join with the precious prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ for the 1,000 Isis members we ask you to save and ask for numbers far beyond this to come into your kingdom, for You are able. We stand with our Great and Precious King Jesus in intercession as He stands before the courts of heaven and repeats His plea from the Cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”. In His holy name we pray, Amen

  5. Every knee shall bow to the name above all names JESUS. I lift up 1000 isis members to restoration, revival, renewal and old things have passed away and you are a new creation in Christ Jesus

  6. Abba Father, if anybody can bring restoration and healing out of the chaos created by Satan through his agents of evil, it is You. Father God, we ask for a mighty sweep of Your Holy Spirit through the darkness today. Illuminate this world for the sake of Christ and Your ultimate glory! We know the victory is Yours!

  7. Dear Father, your Word says you will render justice and people will come to respect your name. Please do that in the Middle East today. There is so much death–confusion, threats, fear– please intervene. Please stop this relentless march toward war. Please bring truth and salvation through Jesus because the government rests upon his shoulders, and he is the Prince of Peace. Thank you for being in control, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. Dear Father, Psalm 37:7 in The Voice translation says, “Be still. Be patient. Expect the Eternal to arrive and set things right … Don’t be bothered by those who are anchored in wicked ways.” Thank you for your Word. We choose to expect you to act and to set things right for the Middle East. I’m having a problem not being bothered by all the wickedness, though, Lord. Please restore your righteousness in those places where it used to exist when the early church was established. Please cause the blood of your martyrs to bring growth and restoration to your church. Save millions of muslims today, please, we pray, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  9. Dear Father, there are conflicting and confusing reports about the strength of isis in Iraq and elsewhere. We pray that you will cause this movement to collapse totally. We know its foundations are demonic. Please bring down the spiritual forces of wickedness and set the captives free. Remove the lies and distortions which are magnified by drugs and religious spirits so these people who have been pawns and tools of the enemy can see and choose truth. We thank you for those you will save from islam today. We praise you, Lord, the only Almighty God, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  10. Dear Father, among the many mysterious verses in Daniel, verse 11:36 says: “…for what has been determined shall be done.” You win. There is no other god but you. Please take the scales off the eyes of all those trapped in islam, particularly imams and isis members. We pray again that during ramadan they would find the truth of Jesus. Please stop terrorists in the midst of their deadly actions and show them they are persecuting you, just as you did with Saul. Thank you for the souls and the physical lives you will save today. Thank you for the plots and evil you will stop today. We praise you, the Lord God Almighy, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. Heavenly Father,
    Lord there is No One like You! Thank you for restoration for it is You that gives Restoration!
    Let the scales of the Isis peoples eyes fall away like with Saul/Paul. May your wondrous mercy touch their hearts and bring them to know you and be healed..
    Just one touch of your mercy for each of them to bring them to you and to make the restored Isis people great Christian witnesses as happened with Paul.
    I pray Lord that Jesus would give them new life through the Holy Spirit and baptism like he did to Paul. I pray that these 1,000 believers from ISIS would be baptized.
    Lord there is No One like You! Thank you for restoration for it is You that gives Restoration!
    Bring restoration O Lord to these lost brothers and sisters! Alleluia You make all things new and you make Isis people new too Alleluia Amen
    In Jesus Name

  12. O Lord Heavenly Father thank you for the so many peaceful Christian countries. War torn Syria is the country and the Isis people we pray for.
    Your nature is always to help those in most need and to give mercy, even though those Isis followers gave no mercy for your servants´ lives that they took. May you have mercy on their souls and with the Holy Spirit like you did with Saul convert them to you and make great spiritual warriors of them.
    I pray this in Jesus` precious Name Amen

  13. Dear Father, as you work in the lives of muslims and particularly those who are in isis, let them see life is not like they thought it would be. Give them extreme dissatisfaction; make them so discontent and miserable that they will seriously look for your alternative. Meet them with the truth of Jesus. Give them courage and opportunity to escape safely. Bring them where they can start a new life in Christ. Decimate their ranks by saving so many of them. Come and do your awesome deeds and your unusual acts that you speak of in Isaiah 28:21. Thank you for what you will do today, and for the lives you will save, both physically and spiritually, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  14. Lord Jesus, please prepare the hearts of the ISIS members and Muslims in general, to receive your gift of salvation. Please create a longing in their hearts and spirits for you, Jesus. Please help them to desire you above everything else. Please let the salvation begin to multiply exponentially and let the world see a great miracle of salvation upon salvation in the ISIS controlled areas and throughout the world. I ask it in Jesus’s name. Amen. For your glory.

  15. Dear Father, the song says there are 10,000 reasons to thank you, to praise you, to bless you. There’s one that’s foremost: the salvation you made possible through Jesus. Please show that to muslims, particularly to those enslaved in isis. Show them the reality of the futility of their existence, that they are, as Paul said, “kick[ing] against the goads.” Give them eyes to see and the desire to choose truth and life. Please intervene in muslim lives today, we pray in Jesus’ name. AMEN

  16. Living God Almighty,
    Strengthen the hearts of those who will minister to the people in ISIS and those under the oppression of ISIS. Work powerfully to bring them to Christ and to give them hope, healing and wholeness through faith in Jesus. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

  17. Dear Father, we pray for open doors in the hearts of isis members and all those who have joined isis because of propaganda, ignorance, or a warped sense of “justice” or whatever other deception has gotten them into the trap they’re in. Take the scales off their eyes and bring their plans to nothing. Let them see they are fighting you, Lord. Please thwart the plots against Israel, airports, the super bowl and other events, major cities, or any other targets whether by an individual or by the group. Please help, Jesus. Save them and bring glory to your name. We give you thanks and praise. Amen.

  18. Thank Lord for the example of Ananias, for his courage and his faith. May we as your disciples have enough faith to step out and show your love. I pray that the 1,000 ISIS members will be baptised, fill them with your Holy Spirit so that they can’t help talking about how great your are and what you have done for them.

  19. Dear Father, Revelation 21:5 says you are making all things new. Let that happen as we start a new year, please. There is nothing you can’t do. You can bring an end to terrorism with just a word. You can open the eyes of isis members to see their need for Jesus. Please do that. Stop the plots and planning of evil and destruction, and cause them to want life in Christ. Thank you for what you will do in 2016, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  20. Lord, we ask You to open up a way for ISIS members to have the scales removed from their eyes long enough to make a choice to follow You. We see some things in the physical realm that may indicate some declining and regression in their organization and we thank You for that window of opportunity. We pray that it will cause them to reconsider and think about their true options and choices while they still live and breathe. Help them to see that they DO have a choice, that You still would receive them if they would choose to forsake their evil ways and repent. May they see the evil plan that they have been sucked into and how greatly they have been decieved…may their hearts abd minds be changed by Your lovingkindness and by The Holy Spirit. May they be cleansed and baptized and turn to follow You and bring others to be Your disciples. Amen.

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