Day 7 – Faith Above Fear

So Ananias departed and entered the house. Acts 9:17

Pray that God would raise up believers like Ananias to go and share the hope of Jesus to ISIS members. The risk was real for Ananias but God sent him to Saul for a purpose and with a promise. Pray that God would clearly call believers to go to those whom he has chosen out of ISIS. Pray that God would remove their fear and that he would use them for his glory. Pray for the “Sauls” in ISIS (for the 1,000 believers) that God would prepare their hearts to receive God’s messengers and message.

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“Day 7 – Faith Above Fear”

  1. Dear Father, we keep coming back to you. We keep calling on your name. We believe you. You called us out of darkness into your marvelous light. Thank you for so great a salvation! Thank you for the “People of the Cross” who are face-to-face with isis each day. They are our brothers and sisters. We hold up their arms. We ask for their protection. Please bless them with everything they need in abundance, including love, boldness, grace, and joy. Show them a sign for good today. We join with them to give you thanks and glory, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. Dear Father, I repent that I don’t have the same fervor about praying for isis as I did a few months ago. I repent that I have become used to the news reports of atrocities that continue unabated. Please forgive me. Each of these people is important enough to you that you sent Jesus to die for him or her. I pray for boldness and tenacity for your people–and for me–to not be weary or hardened, but to keep praying and witnessing and believing that you are going to fulfill your Word. You can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or even think. Please do miracles in the camps of isis and throughout the Middle East today. Please glorify Jesus. We pray in His name. Amen.

  3. Oh Lord, I cry out for You to strengthen believers in Syria and Iraq. Empower them to receive the ISIS leaders and fighters who will come to believe in You, just as Ananias received Paul. Oh Lord, may there be many who call on Your name!

  4. Lord thank you for Your divine witness and intervention to those in Isis. Salvation! In Jesus name amen

  5. Lord, guide those who want out, and those who have escaped to your lighted path, and bless them with the burden to pray for others in ISIS and witness of your power. For who can best pray and witness to those members of ISIS but a changed heart from ISIS? In Jesus’ name.

  6. Dear Father, yet more violence and threats in the news means your grace is even greater now. Where sin abounds grace abounds much more. Please give that grace and courage to those you are calling out of isis, out of islam. Give them the grace to see truth and repent for all they have believed and done. Please redeem what the enemy has meant for evil. Glorify your Son Jesus in whose name we pray. Amen.

  7. Heavenly Father, I agree in prayer with all those who are praying for the salvation of ISIS members. How sad that they have been so deceived by the enemy and brought to this place of extreme rebellion against You. We ask You to rescue them. Please call more of your sons and daughters to join us in fervent prayer for their salvation. We pray with confidence, knowing that Jesus died for all. Help us to love these enemies, as Jesus taught us. We praise You for all You are doing to bring them into the kingdom. We’re so thankful that nothing is impossible for you. I pray in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen

  8. Raise men and women,the young and the old ,the blacks and the whites and empower them to take the good news to the ISIS members.

  9. Dear Father, please hear the groanings of your Holy Spirit according to Romans 8:26-27. Please, Holy Spirit pray for us because we don’t know how to pray the way we should for these terrorists who continue to slaughter your people. Please do whatever you have to do to bring them to the place of decision for Jesus. Please let your Kingdom come and your will be done in the life of every deceived believer in islam. Thank you for hearing and answering us, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  10. There is no fear in love. Hence I confess that the news of killings and violence cause feelings of fear in me. Lord of hosts, send me out of that fear into the realm of your protecting and compassionate love so that I can step out and engage those who don’t believe in your goodness may have a chance to experience something of it.

  11. Jesus, our hearts are heavy for those lost within the ranks of ISIS. We know that some want out. Some are beginning to see the truth. Yet they are afraid. We pray Lord that you would give them the courage to step out, even at the cost of their lives. And the courage to step up, and speak the truth. Lord, only you know the hearts of these men and women, send the truth and send your people to the ones who are seeking, to the hearts who are waiting for another way! Lord, we know that Christians are being held hostage. We pray for opportunities for them and the courage and fire for them to share Jesus with their captors. Use their bold witness to lead their captors to you. We pray in the powerful name of Jesus, draw IS fighters to the arms of Jesus. Amen.

  12. Who better to share the good news than one who has met the risen Christ and been transformed. May those who have been transformed be bold with their witness for the LIGHT that these who are still in chains may not enter a Christ-less eternity. Oh how our hearts yearn for those to see what we have seen. Father, open the eyes of these who are darkened and chained to the false god that they may see the LIGHT of the world and be transformed.

  13. Gracious Father, how wonderful You are Lord, Your hand is not too short to save nor Your ear hard of hearing. It is to You we come in faith, standing in the gap, for the Precious souls that have been deceived by the spirit behind Isis, so much so that they are convinced that their might and works of darkness are right. Abba we are in agreement for Your boldness to be upon Your children whom You have assigned to speak Your healing word to those who have been blinded by the god of this world. Give sight to them Yeshua Adoneinu, as recorded in Isaiah 35 that ‘the eyes of the blind shall be open and the ears of the deaf unstopped’. Pour out Your Spirit without measure on every ‘Ananias’ of our time for we ackowledge the truth that You Adonai are gracious and full of compassion in Yeshua’s Name we ask.

  14. Father I pray that you will send dreams and visions of Jesus to the people in ISIS. Let them know that He is the only way to heaven. Turn them into Pauls and give them boldness to witness for you, ready to lay their lives down for You instead of Islam. In Jesus name Amen

  15. Holy Father, all glory to you because you are the one who controls the nations. Help us pray for these blind leaders to open their eyes and recognize who you are. Your will be done.

  16. Heavenly Father, with You all things are possible. Hear our prayers for ISIS and turn Sauls into Pauls, for their sake, for the sake of their victims, and for your glory. Give boldness to your children who have the opportunity to share the gospel with these unfortunate lost men. We long for them to know the truth that will set them free. Thank You for hearing, thank You for answering, for we ask in the name of Jesus, our Lord and savior.

  17. Father,
    I ask forgiveness for not being obedient. Thank you that Ananias was obedient and went to Saul at Your command. Help the believer you call to share Jesus with members of IS to be courageous. Prepare hearts and may You be glorified!

  18. Dear Father,
    Regardless of how depraved these terrorists have become there is still the image of God in them. Please give them the ability to see and choose your truth. Give them ears to hear. Save them and change them please, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  19. Father, we come to you in the name of Jesus. Give the messengers of the Gospel Your favor and the protection of the angel armies. May the enemy hear the sound of many and see the many that are with the messenger. May the hearts of many be turned to You. From darkness to light, from the power of satan unto God. Acts 26:18. Thank You Lord. Amen.

  20. Lord, your perfect love cast out fear. I pray that the member you call out of ISIS would come to trust in you and no longer the lies they have been believing. Send your chosen to speak truth to the lost. My they be covered with Your boldness. In Jesus name.

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